Recent Work

Airforce Mobile

Airforce Mobile [View]

Mobile version of the U.S. Airforce site, developed with CodeIgniter to develop quickly a set of minimal templates and custom abstract objects that are translated into an optmized view for mobile devices.

Special care was put on adding google analytics, since the client needed to identify which pages were visited from a specific campaign of ads or external sites.


Shirtscan [View]

Full native android application, with a custom branch of zxing to enable QR code readings without depending of an external application to read them.

A sync adapter was developed to keep the shirt contents updated with the latest version that the CMS has, having as soon as possible the latest version of each content/asset.

SQLite was used to store the information in an efficient way, allowing us to get all the information for a specific product using just “Intents” which also let the application extend how it can share the content with other applications.


ImGame [View]

Full migration from iOS application into android native code. Best practices applied to design and development to follow Android guidelines on UX.

Custom HTTP library developed to create requests with custom headers, and the sending of files on multipart http requests.

Social API’s used to share content and to find common friends from other social networks.


Vutopia [View]

Site completely built on flash, a 3D shell was created to be able to show the movie items with a sense of depth. This shell is reusable to show either movies with thumbs or a full catalog of movies by name.

Graphics are cached on bitmaps, even text fields to improve the performance of the rendering, having just one draw per item no matter how complex the layout for each tout is.

A custom player was created to handle DRM using flash access, connecting the authentication to several providers and forwarding the necessary tokens to the backend that controls what a user can see.


BGTPartners [View]

Full responsive web site, developed on WordPress and Foundation Zurb to ensure every aspect of the site resizes correctly depending on the device that is used. Tools like Grunt, Bower and SASS were used to improve the quality of the code and manage assets.

Third party API’s used:

  • Vimeo
  • Google Analytics

Pencils of Promise

Pencils of Promise [View]

In charge of 100% of the development, from the backend to the frontend. Frontend assets optimized with tools like gruntjs and requrejs. A custom theme for wordpress was created having in mind modularity, using mustache we load modules on pages as they are needed and the client can customize these via the WordPress CMS.

A custom integration with salesforce was done, to sync information between wordpress and salesforce. Also for the donation side of the site, the complete setup and integration with was done from zero.

Social API’s were included like Facebook, twitter and pinterest, letting users share content on any of these social networks.